HURTS “Some Kind of Heaven”

I am ready for the rapture
I am reaching for the light
But my heart screams hallelujah
When I hear your battle cry

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I have rather high requirements when it comes to listening music. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a music genius. I suck at theories. I play no instruments other than the Wii game Taiko no TatsujinBut a soul could always recognize a good tune like me knowing where the nearest McDonalds is.We could all party crazy over just another Anaconda song (wait no thanks I take that back), but what remains after them all-too-familiar beats is a genuine GOOD STORY.

And this is when the lyrics truly matters.


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FURY: when it clashes with war

“Ideals are peaceful. War is violent.”

We have the habit of associating World War 2 with ruthless SS guards zapping innocents’ heads off, bold youngsters escaping from ghettos and devoted elderly whispering holy prayers until they have had their last breath. Never have we paid attention to tank soldiers who live on a high wire, while putting up with the dirty inside the vehicle and, of course, the fear of being blown into pieces. So here is Fury, daringly drawing the curtains to let us have a glimpse of what it feels like to be a real soldier.


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Fail not Frail (6/23/15)


Exams are officially over.

This is it. The days of cramming over a better future  endless tests are gone. I hereby proudly and delightedly announce that I would possibly be/ very possibly be/ extremely possibly be flunking half of my subjects.

And don’t even start on the Math situation.

“It doesnt matter anyway,” they say, “you would be leaving.”

But leaving my current school for UWC is not a resolution. It is in no way my salvation from this hectic Hong Kong pubic exam pit. It is not, and will never be an escape. Goddammit, it is an ACTUALIZATION. It is me telling myself that the world I am building  for myself will be way bigger than the world I am born into. When I picture myself drifting through the clouds I will not bump into skyscrapers because I will fly higher than those mobs of mists.

HA-HA. I sound stupid.

Maybe I am feeling this ugly bit of regret because I know I am lazy. I could do better? Yes? Or maybe it really does not matter. I am leaving all this behind. The land of green-white-red is calling for US. Did my stomach just giggle? (I chose Italy not because of the food. Repeat: I chose Italy not because of the food. Repeat again.)

When brilliant people like Samuel Beckett (you are not alone, I have to Google him too) said brilliant things like “Fail. Fail again. Fail better” the best you could do, aside from silently screaming YAS inside your head, is to COMPLY.

So yup, I am failing. I am failing again. But I am failing better.

No regrets.

Fail not Frail 🙂